Barno and Duckstein brewery

September 08 08



Barno was a gorgeous 9 week old Flat coated retriever that stayed with us for a week. Euan totally loved him



Euan had a nasty accident at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy. At the end of one of his usual therapy session, I asked him to come and put his shoes on. He turned, tripped and smashed his head on to the only exposed corner of a padded bench. OOOWWW. I have NEVER seen him so upset. This photo is before the two black eyes started to appear.


Neil does lots of work at the wineries and brewarys that surround the Swan Valley. He often gets a contra deal and this time we got to go to the Duckstein for dinner. Here is Ann and Bob.


Euan sitting on Jordans lap, Ann, Freya and Bob.

Moi, Amanda and Kerry


Amanda and Freya on the left and 'too cool to pull' Jordan on the right.




Neil with some German feast.



Euan loved the German models (they danced and sang by the way).