Whiteman Park

September 08


Bank holiday Monday so took a trip to Whiteman Park for a picnic and meet up with Kerry and Ethan, and the Robsons.


Cheeky boys: Callum and Ethan.


Another cheeky boy Elliott.


Stunt boys show off their skills.


Is that Callums age or a stunt gone wrong!


Like butter wouldn't melt eh!


All the boys went up the high slide, and chased each other down.

Mummy giggles.



A hot Euan plays ball, even though he still has his casts on. What a star.


It's all got too much for Elliott. Must be home time.


Corretta gave Euan a 'How to be a super hero' book for his birthday. With lots of different masks, a cape and stickers. It was a hit.