Spring in the Valley

October 12th 2008


The start of the day... first brewery Elmars, first beer!


Mick and Brian holding Steiners of beer, almost dwalfing Mick on the left.


Can you guess who Paul and Dave are dressed as... Not too difficult!


Tom and Adrian on their way.

Dave trying to find out if this was a woman or a man.


Dave letting everyone know he hangs to the left.

Someone has had too much to much to drink.


Beers been flowing, starting to get messy.


Someone has been telling Paul porkies!


A severe close up of Tom.

Uh Oh... Did I really drink that bottle of red wine!


Let's hit the next Brewery.


Hooray we have arrived at Mash Brewery.


Gurgling with good quality beer.


The days beer intake is starting to take its toll

Maybe one more beer!


No lets have two! ... Yeah says the boys
No more pics please.


Tom trying to act sober ...
But Paul calls his bluff.


Day is over. Dave has had too much beer mixed with red wine.

' I just want to go home'!