Tracy Time

End September


Euan asked to borrow my camera and this is his world. Firstly he poses his beloved Timmy beside the animal dvd series which also shows a tiger.


He took a series of photos of the tv, this one I thought was funny.



A pretty good self portrait.


Taken through Timmy tiger legs, and shooting his other favorite thing... dinosaurs.

Then off for some soccer play on the trampoline



He loves the trampoline.


Moody boy!




Tracy has been down to visit so we went to Wanneroo park for a play.


From left to right: Me, Tracy, Kate and Euan.


Roar like a tiger everyone.


Gorgeous Tracy in the Spring sun

Trip to Wild Kidz and Billy gets his face painted

Euan takes a photo of me.


And a photo of Millie and I.

Euan and Daddy work in the garden with matching strimmers.


Such concentration.

Euan and Freya.