The Centre For Cerebral Palsy Annual Party

8th November 2008


The Annual CP party is always such a great day. Euan loves it, especially the Candy Floss.


Euan got to feed the ravenous goats... until they got too ravenous and the job was passed to me.


My new baby!


Freya joined us on our outing.



Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere, but not a drop to drink (where is that from).



Show off!


Go Freya Go!


Euan does the bubble thing quickly so that everyone around gets splattered with bubble juice...nice!



Some water play.

Euans amazing therapists: Emma his physio on the left and Hayley his speechie on the right.


Craft time.

A break for some more candy floss.

Freya got face painted as a butterfly... lovely green eyes.


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