Tasha surprise 30th Party

November 2008


A surprise Masquerade party was organized for Tashas 30th birthday.


Ady and Corretta looking dapper as usual.


Neil and I. A friend commented that I really needed to get my eye brows done!

Without masks... of course Ady forgot to take his off.... Ha!


Us two.



The birthday girl arrives (dressed in green). This is the only one of her unfortunately.

Tom on the left looking v scottish, and Julie with Corretta on the right.

Molly waiting for surprised Mum to arrive.


Katrina ready for action.

Brian, Tom, Ady and Neil... not sure what their laughing at... might be a guy joke.


The serious side of Brian and the not so serious!
Jon tut Jane, and Jane tut Corretta (my best Northern accent!).

The Sparkle boys.

Yes, being nearer the sea meant I spent the whole evening wrapped in a cardy, sheltering from the sea breeze.