Neil 40th Garden Party

Sunday 7th December 2008

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At last the day had arrived. Neil and I have been preparing for this party for months, getting the garden finished and making sure that our guests have a really good afternoon.

Unfortunately there are too many photos I like so there are a few pages to get through.

Pergola set up and ready.


Liquid Limestone was put down on the lower tier of the house.

Day beds and umbrellas up.

Pool nice and clean, new pots and plants, and our friend Jay kindly became DJ for the day. Thanks Jay, you were great.

Front plants now done, day beds and chairs ready for people to arrive.

Cant believe it is all finished. It has taken up 2 years to get it all done.

Euan chills out on the outside beanbag before the crowd arrives.

Champagne on ice.

Mash Beer on tap.

Two Pimms for Ann helps her get in the mood.

People arrive and enjoy a fresh glass of Pimms to start.

Lauren and Ethan looking smart.

Gorgeous girls, Jane, Tracey and Corretta.


Mischief makers, Emma, Kerry (who took the photos today) and Paul.

Brian, Neil, Ady and Juanjo.

Jackie and Chris.

Amanda, Chris and Danny.

Boyz and Beer.

Greg and Donna.


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