School holidays are coming to a close.

Euan showing just how genetically linked to his Grandad he is.

Three photos Euan took.

Sorry I cant resist Euan under water. He is so quiet and serene. But above water is a different matter!

Friends come up to visit. Millie and Angus...

Roxsan and Billy.

My little man starts school in 2 weeks. He is now fully kitted out with legionnaire hat, school bag, tops, shorts, sandals, trainers, track suit, rain coat (don't ask me why!) and school bathers! But he looks gorgeous I think.

Our back garden is home to quite a few troops of Kangaroos. We were throwing Monkey nuts to this male kangaroo and he was trying to catch them. Really amazing to watch. His wife, or bit on the side, stood loyaly by his side with legs sticking out her pouch. I will never get used to Kangaroos.