Great Escape with The Centre for Cerebral Palsy

21st Feb 09


The annual outing with The Centre for Cerebral Palsy at the Great Escape Water slides. It will be well remembered for two reasons.

1) It was hot (most years it's freezing cold!)

2) Euan couldn't get enough of it. He LOVED it.

Euan had no fear.

Nor did Neil have any fear.

Love this pic showing my two boys... being such boys!

These tube pics just show their excitement.

Euan coming down backwards.

Here I come. PS I hated it. All of them. Never again. Water went up my nose. DONT LIKE IT!

I really did try to enjoy it.

Neil, on the other hand, didn't need to try. He just did LOVE it.

The last slide before packing up and going for a slap up breakfast.