Hospital for botox

16th March 09


As part of Euan's news this week for school, we decided to document his time in hospital.

This is with his 'replica gun' (not my words!) on the way to hospital.

Outside PMH (princess Margaret Hospital) before being admitted.

After all the usual checks, here is Euan waiting to go in. He is watching Spongebob Square Pants on my itouch (the bestest thing ever created!!!!).

Euan took a long time to wake up from his anesthetic. He has to have a premed as he becomes to distressed with the mask, but the premed makes him aggressive so they give him a muscle relaxant as well.... which all results in lots of sleep.

Just waking up and not impressed!

All ok now, except an ear infection, but hey winters coming so I better get used to it!