Guildford Grammar School Bush Dance

21st March 09



The Bush Dance was held outside the Pavillion on Robertsons Oval at Guildford Grammer School.

We met with all Euan's new school friends, and had a picnic in the evening sun.

The sports teacher had a range of games, like gum boot throwing. Euan had a go and won a prize, which Euan was thrilled with.

Here he is about to throw his welly.

They had a circus workshop. Here is Euan trying the Diablo and the stilts. He was suprisinging ok on the stilts .

There was this contraption too. The older boys thought it funny when Euan had enough of using his feet, he decided on his hands instead.

And Plate spinning, which Mummy had been trying to do for half an hour without success.

Then Mucky Duck, the bush band started. Every time one of the band members came off the stage Euan, and later his mates would chase him around. It was quite funny.

Here is Euan with his new school mates, Josh in the green check shirt and Evan in the blue. By the end of the evening there was about 10 boys chasing each other about. Very hectic and very boylike!

On the left is my pal Lorraine and myself. On the right shows how much Euan loves little Harvey (and John, Evans Dad).

The bush dance starts with the usual moves. Great fun.

Sun just going down, and all the kindy parents drinking wine and having lots of chats.

Ryan in the red, Josh, Evan and Euan at the back... being a gang.

Rolling Ryans dad Phil around the field.

Sun goes down, so Euan enjoys a dance with Daddy and has some popcorn with Lorraine.

Then Sparkler time.

Ending the evening with a really outstanding firework display. It was a really good one and far exceeded all our expectations. Euan thought it was the most AWESOMMME thing he had ever seen.

Really great evening and feel so lucky Euan goes to GGS.