Paddock Club

1st April 09

Neil was awarded tickets for a Black Tie ball at the Burwood Ball room as part of the Connections Programme at his Electrical Wholesalers. All dressed up before the event.

Our table.

My smiley Neil looking ever so James Bond!

Meg and Ben, our hosts for the evening and really great friends.

Three nice ones of Moi!

Shiny balls.

Neil and I before they brought the food out. Yummy steak!

There was entertainment all night. The evening was presented by a comedian who used to be the presenter of the Aussie Blockbusters. Do you remember it was Bob Holness with us. Anyway he was funny. Then Jimoin did a set too, which was really funny.

Cuddling up... we never get free kid time so it was much enjoyed.

Of all the people we could be put on the table with, we sat opposite these two... Melanie and Brent. After getting on like a house on fire, it turns out we live 1 min walk from each other. Very weird because we live so rurally.

The night ended with the Cheesiest band ever. But enjoying a bit of cheese, we had a dance anyway!