Podium in the Park

Friday 3rd April 09

A busy week with Podium in the Park at Houghtons Winery. This again was awarded to Neil for his ongoing business with L&H Electrical Wholesale. They put on this amazing evening of food, drinks and a host of Aussie 80's bands (none of which I had ever heard off!!!!).

Ben, manager of the Wangara Branch, and probably over all the organising and hosting of this weeks events.

My hands are full of free food and drink!

Meg looking fabulous.

Brent and Melanie, our neighbours and new friends from the other night.

Darkness falls, and the bands start.

Dragon start the night.

Followed by Mark Seymour, who was really good.

I can honestly say I have no idea who any of these iconic 80's bands were. Without knowing the songs it sounded like a lot of loud noise! The evening finished with The Choir Boys. They were so loud I couldn't get close enough to take photos without my ear drums exploding...

Melanie and Neil on his way to being a really cheeky boy.

Billy and his lovely gal.