Cerebral Palsy Wheelie Challenge

Sunday 5th April 09

The Centre for Cerebral Palsy had a fundraiser held at Burswood, called the Wheelie Big Challenge.

Here is Euan having a trail run of the course. Do you like his Purple boots??!

The Challenge involves every body, no matter what level of disability to navigate the course using wheels! Everybody races in teams, and this year we raced for 'Ashilee's' team. The first round involved Neil and Euan racing in an electrical wheelchair.

Neil and Euan throwing the ball through the hoops, and on the right our good friend Sue taking on the challenge.

Coming in first!!!

Our team crosses the line first and we win Medals, which Euan clearly thought was the best thing ever!

Euan and his friend Luca showing off their prize packs.

It doesn't take long before Euan and Luca start treating Neil like a trampoline!

And Luca's daddy for that matter.

My cheeky gorgeous boy.

The second part of the race was a pushing wheelchair race. Euan particularly loved this.

A quick game of Frisbee...

Then exhaustion hits!

Virtue Bear joined Euan this weekend, so if you would like to see his exploits follow this link.