Easter Sunday.

Sunday 12th April 09

Easter Sunday at our house involved 21 visitors, a bbq and an easter egg hunt.

Visitors included all the Rattrays, the Gleeson's, The Gages, The Robsons, and Neil's cousins whom are visiting from Scotland.

Left: Corretta and Elliott on the Easter Egg hunt.

The booty after the event and counting to check fair trade.


Kerry and Amanda.

Neave in the pool.

Euan having great fun with friends to play with.

Ella flying in the air towards Freya.

All kids hanging off Jordan.

Bouncy castle got an airing, and a bit of a bashing as the boys enjoyed the fun.

Cool man!

Left: Pants on his head

Right: Elliott stoked at his easter egg treasure.

The man and his fire.

Euan enjoying getting wet after his casts came off this morning. AHHHHH... the must be lovely!

Euan straying water as Callum jumps in.