Off to Yallingup on holiday with Mum and Simon

19th to 24th April 09

We rented a private property just slightly inland in Yallingup. Euan was very excited about the tv and sofa in his bedroom.

Euan inflicting our new visitors to a game of Shopping list.

The property had a tennis court, which was a hit with all members of the family.

As you can tell Neil believed that he was a Pro from the moment he picked up the racket. He made me laugh when he shook the invisible umpires hand after beating me!

Euan too, showed that his hand eye coordination is great.

A visit to Margaret River... a day which wasnt the best due to grumpy Euan. Here is the only moment of the day when he was vaguely smiling! Kids eh!

Euan allowing Nanny to read him a story.

Tongue boy!

Two lovely shots of Mum and Euan before setting off for the caves.