Bushtucker Tour

23rd April 09

We decided to go on the Bushtucker Canoe to Bush tour. Up early we drove to Margaret River, and braved the rain.

Neil and Mum ready for the canoe tour.

Here we are at the beginning, all wondering why on earth anyone would pay good money to canoe down a river on a cold and wet morning.

Euan's spirit, on the other had, could not be dampened by a bit of rain!

We're off!

We proved a formidable team, as on the return journey we won the canoe race by miles! We were awarded a bottle of wine for our efforts and Euan a jar of snakes.

Being the end of the summer we were able to see the gnarly forest before it got flooded with water in the winter.

My gorgeous little family.

Mum partook in sampling an aboriginal medicine. Not sure what it was meant to do... maybe make her look a little madder!

If you had ever been horrible to anyone else or been bad, then hugging a tree passed on these feeling.

Yes we all had a go.

Euan also wondered if riding a tree would have the same effect.

Euan was concerned about the bush walk, but he took Bushman Chris's hand and became leader.

It was getting hot now, especially as I had about 15 layers on.

Bush tucker food, all laid out, and surprisingly nice, especially the kangaroo, and pestos.

Eating that reed of grass must have gone to mums head when she ate two Whitchy grubs...YUK!

Euan was an absolute star on this tour. Chris the tour guide awarded him with some yellow snakes and a t shirt for being a star. it was one of those occasions which reminded me of the Night Zoo in Cairns, when Euan was happy to be centre of attention for once.

The tour ended with cave visit, and some tunneling. Euan followed Chris through tiny tunnels, passing touches to those who were scared. It was actually extremely difficult and you should have seen how dirty we all were once out.

It really was a highlight and would suggest it to anyone going to Margaret River.

See www.bushtuckertours.com