Country Life Farm

22nd April 09

A trip to the Country Life Farm in Dunsborough. Here is a clever Kangaroo holding a piece of carrot.

Mum and Euan get up close and personal with a little joey.

Euan finds the bunnies hiding place.

We met up with Euan's school friend Jonathon who was on hols down south too.

This Alpaca was evil. It was greedy and evil!

When mum ignored it, it spat all over her.. it was v funny.

Euan sensibly sticks to feeding the goats.

Jonathon being a monkey.

Whats next!

Mum, Elise and Jonathon feeding the donkeys.

Really needs to stop smoking I think!

With the recession biting, we have decided to downsize our family vehicle.

Seriously concentrating on the see-saw.

We ended the visit with a ride on the bumper cars. Great fun for daddy's and Euan's.