Animal Rescue

May 23rd 09

Neil was working locally and saw a dog running up the road. It came to him, and Neil called the Ranger who put us in touch with the owners, who strangely Neil had done work for before. So as they were away they asked if we could drive him back to the farm where he lived. Euan thought this was the beez knees!

Cairo was absolutely gorgeous and could have easily kept him.

New boots

Off we go, all in the van together... Cairo in the back.

Mummy kisses

Up on to the farm. Here is one of the numerous cows that greeted us.

Cairo was pleased to be home, but not enough because we drove back out of the farm and he followed us for 5 km's until I told him off and he put his tail between his legs and went home!

They also had a miniature pony.


Neil had to stop to check on a neighbours who is was working for in the coming week. Euan decided he would collect all the wood lying around, explaining they were dinosaur bones and he was a paleontologist. Had had to bring a pile of sticks home, to add to the numerous sticks we have here already!!!