Cuddly Animal Farm with School

Monday 15th June 09

Their first school excursion to the Cuddly Animal Farm in Henley Brook. I was asked to take photos to here are the ones with Euan in. As you can see it was difficult as they have a no hat no play philosophy which casts a horrid shadow over the boys and girls faces.

Toilet break!

Each child had a coloured pipe cleaner badge depending on their group. Euan had his teacher. Unfortunately Euan was really feeling unwell and spent the first half of the trip very lethagic.

All his class mates watching this poor little lamp (only 2 days old) who was rejected by its mum.

As you can tell Euan is really struggling at this point.

But after lunch he cheered up a little.

These piglets were the noisiest things I have ever heard. I think they thought we were going to feed them as they went nuts everytime we approached them.

Getting ready for a sausage sizzle lunch.


Euan feeds a sheep. And one of the farmers picks up a goat who eats her plait.

Euan having a tickle from one of his teachers.