Matt and Mels

Saturday 11th July 09

A night out with Mel, Matt and Cameron in Mindarie. First stop... a bit of fishing.

Fishing is totally cruel. You catch the fish (this one is a blow fish) and then take it out of the water so that it blows up like a balloon and just when it looks like it is going to explode, you throw it back in the water. I don't get it!

But the boys do seem to get it!

Sun is going down.

Loads of crabs in the rocks so Cameron has a go at catching them.

Indian ocean sunset.

Left: Some silly person taught Euan to say 'COME ON' while making a silly gesture to the head... I wonder who did that eh?!

Right: Matt the chef made this amazing Apple Tart. Really gorgeous.


Stayed the night so Euan had a Superman camp bed. Great fun.

Neil and I after a good go at the WII. I won tennis, Matt won bowling, Neil won being a prat on the dance mat!