Avon Decent

Sunday 2nd August 09

The Walk

Euan took these shots of us getting ready for a day at Bells Rapids, watching the Avon Decent.

Shoes on, mummy ready!

We parked at the top of Brigadoon hill, near Bells Lockout, and walked the bridal path down to the river. It was hard going and the small coffee rocks made for slippery ground. The Helicopters were circling around ready for the first canoe's to come through the rapids.

Off down the hill, Cameron and Euan running at first. The rest of us had chairs to carry, bbqs and food.

Choppers over head

Yes Euan got tired!

Mel and Matt made it down with smiles on their faces.

While everyone unpacked the bags and got the kids sorted, Matt plonks himself down and asks for a back massage.... yeah right!

Euan struggled on and off today and was extremely tired. He even had a half hour sleep.