Avon Decent

Sunday 2nd August 09

The Day

First things first... set up camp and get the barbie on for a sausage sandwich.


Every available rock was taken up with spectators. I have NEVER seen Bells so busy!

The gorgeous Mel and Matt.


Cameron and Mel.

Watching the race.

Mummy cuddles

Daddy cuddles!

Took a walk to the bridge to see the rapids.

The boys went for a little rock climb... until Euan fell in and got upset. if only it had been Matt and we could have had a really good laugh! Ha!

Mel and Cameron with a really big stick.

Euan eating his favorite yellow snake, just before he fell asleep on me.

Ethan and Ryan came down for a look, and Neil enjoyed a beer.

Paddling... cold feet, cold feet.