Fun Station

Sunday 9th August

The Cake!

Euan didn't want a big party this year, and even before the party was extremely anxious. He only invited 5 people from school, his cousins and his old pals.

Jane is in Euan's class at school and is totally gorgeous.

Adam and Ryan.

The helicopter.

Evan on the left and Caleb on the right. I think Caleb is the happiest boy I have ever met.

The gang!

Euan's old pal Billy and his sister Roxsan.

Billy on the left and Parker (with Virtue Bear) on the right.

Chasing Daddy around the play structure.

Euan and Caleb took me to the top... it was hot and sticky.


Parker with his medal and Jane and I having a cuddle.

Left: Emily.

Middle: Euan and Callum in the background.

Right: Jonathan having LOADS to eat!

Cake time.

Party bags and balloons for everyone.

Left: Harvey and Lorraine laughing at the balloon. Middle: Parker, and Left: Ady looking very blue!