Trick Track

Week of the 24th August 09

Euan ended up having more than a week off school as he had so many infections. So we had to stay at home and I had to find ways to entertain him!

Trick Tracks are his ultimate favorite.

Trick Tracks come in all shapes and sizes and can be added too. Each car rolls along a track to set off the next station. There are even Dinosaur trick tracks... the ultimate for Euan.

The only issue with Trick Tracks is the time involved in setting it up, and it invariably goes wrong half way round.

This is Thump Tail.

The Crane is on your left, and you can see Flip Tail and Bone Slide on your right. PS Euan knows all their names!

Neil always sets the whole thing up before he retires to bed and the first thing Euan does when he wakes in the morning if start his Trick Track.