Cookie Making

September 8th 2009

Every week, in fact every Wednesday Euan has to give 'his news' at school. It can be something he has done over the last week or a long time ago.

All the parents are fast running out of ideas of things for news and it has become a bit of a laugh as each parent thinks of new, and sometimes ridiculous ideas.

As Euan is totally obsessed with this particular brand of cookies, we decided to document its making.

PS Euan eats these for breakfast, lunch and dinner but only when put in the microwave for 20secs!

Egg, 80g of melted butter and the cookie flour to make the dough.

Euan gets in there and rolls the dough into balls.

Once on the baking tray, mini M&M's are pushed into the cookie (if they make it that far!).

Into the oven for exactly 10mins. Any longer and they go too brown and Euan won't eat them.

All done.

Yummy says Euan.

The same night as cooking baking, Kevin the Kookaburra came to visit. He sat with Neil outside and let Neil stroke his white chest. Then Euan came out and I watched out the window as he let Euan stroke his feathers. I then came out and he flew away!!! I pretended to be upset and Euan consoled me, saying ' its alright mummy, you can stroke my cuddly toy Kookaburra instead'. Ah love'im.