Caleb's 5th Birthday

Whiteman Park

5th September 09

Birthday boy Caleb. Caleb is part of Euan's gang at school. He loves Caleb, and Neil and I think its because he is the happiest child we have ever met!

Whose the birthday boy... 'Caleb'!

Dominic on the left and the kids entertainment on the right.

Chasing the balloon.

Angus with sauce all over his mouth.

Ryan S. on the left and party food on the right.

Ryan B on the left and Parker on the right.

Being a boys school at senior level, there are only 5 girls in his girls. And they are all gorgeous and mainly wear pink!

Jonathan and Caleb.

It was plainly obvious that no matter the temperament of the boy, they spend most of their time play fighting.

Max and Jonathan.

Euan, Macklin and Caleb... cool boys

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