Quiz Night

21st November 09

I can not tell you the amount of organisation that Euan's Quiz Night Challenge took. It was months in the planning, and involved so much more than was seen on the night.

As a charity event, we needed to procure as much for free as we could. Even getting the hall for free involved a mountain of paperwork.

Silent auction prizes were donated from amazing companies such as L&H, Jungle Soccer, Design 45, Urban Cabinets to mention just a few. These raised over $3000!

All set up and ready for action.

In the kitchen before the event started. I was all on my own as Neil was getting ready at home, and I put on the first lot of curry which had been made by The Feral Brewery. I felt ok at this point.

Raffle prizes. We had so many. I had asked so many people, had trawled around businesses, and so many friends were so generous that we sold thousands of tickets before the event even started.

The event was a total sell out. I could have sold it twice over.

I have not got words to thank the people who dedicated their time on the night to help. Mel, you are an amazing bar person. Amanda was so awesome in the kitchen. Jordan, thanks for being around, Tilly, her mum and her pal were so amazing I just don't know what to say. Tilly and Jays support through out the whole organisation was beyond our expectations. And the gorgeous Bree. There was not one part of the event that was affected by my friendship to Bree, and the support she gave. She was like my tree to lean on when I got tired, or a whip to get me moving when I got depressed. And on the event she supported me while I had a breakdown in the toilets and took over my job. We love you Breezle.

The event was hosted by HaveAQuiz. Thanks Jon for making it a truly great night.

Tasha, Mick, Emma, Michelle and Matt.

Poppy, Nick, Andy and Hana's table.


The Bakers table on the left, and the Brigadoon lot on the right.

Barber Ann on the left and a blurry Lorraine (did you feel like that too Lorraine!) and Tasha on the right.

Stuart and Gill's table on the left and Sarah and Lorraine's' table on the right.

As well as there being a quiz night there was lots of subsidiary games, like heads or tails, or throw your money at the whisky bottle. Great fun.

Everyone had a really fantastic night, and there was some talk about it becoming an annual event (over my dead body!!!! Ha).

But it was worth it. We raised $12,000 on the night for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy. Our total as writing, is $17,000. We want to raise $20,000 by March 7th 2010. Let us know if you have any ideas.