Sunday 22nd November

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L&H (Neil's electrical wholesalers) have been an amazing support with the fundraising. They sponsor the Ford team at the V8's and asked us to join them in their corporate tent. They also wanted to raffle a remote controlled vehicle signed by the V8 drivers.

This is Neil's most favorite picture ever. I think its because Neil and I understand that look. He is so pleased with himself, chuffed to be watching his favorite thing... fast cars.

Amazing Ben. A true one of a kind. We think you are ACE!



As part of the experience we got a pit tour and to meet the Ford team.

Frosty showing us the car.

Euan fascinated by the engine.

They were so patient with Euan. Initially he was really reluctant to go in the car. There were lots of people at the front of the pits and it was pretty hectic, but once he saw Ben get in the car there was no stopping him.

With the crew.

AHHHHHH... how exciting.

Now he wants to go and watch the cars race!!