GGS Christmas Concert

24th November 2009

The Christmas concert had been scheduled for the previous week but due to bad weather it had to be cancelled. Unfortunately it was rearranged on Euan's botox day so it was less than ideal. But it really was so very well done and we were pleased not to have missed it.

It is truly a multicultural school with many different nationalities.

Picnic on the green.

All the boys ran off to play on the green before the concert started. This is Josh.

All kindy's were dressed in red with black braces. I had to order 12 pairs of braces of Ebay!!!!

Euan with his pals, from left to right: Euan, Deacon, Josh and Alistair.

Euan was extremely worried about the event so this was a really big deal for all of us.

They sang 'Little Drummer Boy' and pretended to drum. Euan looked uncomfortable through out... but he did it, and we were very proud.

Just to show what an Auzzie xmas concert looks like. All songs are adapted to the Oz lifestyle and here are the kids in bathers and cork hats!