The Raines for a bbq

February 14th

Harvey is mad for his dad John. He only has to leave the room for Harvey to start crying. Ahhh lov em!

BBQ kings Neil.

Euan had his Magic Boots on (serial casting) so no pool for him. Hard work when its so hot.

Euan and one of his best friends Evan. I am pleased they are friends as Evan is going to be really tall like his Dad so can protect my little Euan!

PS it is a constant problem at school that no one can tell the difference between Euan's name and Evans. I don't know how many times a picture has come home from school, with excellent painting, or colouring in, only to realise its not Euan's but Evans!

Mums together.

Not sure what Lorraine is doing here, but she is definitely concentrating on something.

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