Famous Euan

February 2010

As we are coming to the end of our year fundraising for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy, there was a last effort to help us reach our target of $20,000. Euan was the front page of Brand News.

Euan was also asked to help promote Toy Box, a charity which helps fund specialised equipment for young people. The charity is part of Box Magazine.

This was a nightmare photo shoot. They lent Euan a really cool bike to ride, and that is exactly what he wanted to do. He didn't want to stop for photos with strangers wearing tight clothes. He just didn't get it. But in the end, with me doing star jumps to make him laugh they came out with good pics. And to my surprise they funded a specially made bike for him. See later pics for bike.

The Advocate ran another story about Euan and our fundraising.

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