The Campsite and all that happened.

Feb 2010

The mornings started with a wake up from the ducks.

Mel looking like she had a rubbish nights sleep.

Neil ended up in hospital on the first day after a insect bite caused a really bad reaction. He was put on heavy duty anti biotics and was then fine.

Matt on the other hand, nearly burnt down our tent. He was cooking dinner and we call all smell gas. He decided to try and tighten/ adjust the gas nozzle whilst still cooking, which ended with the gas bottle exploding with flames right next to our tent where I was getting Euan to bed. Quickly picking up Euan we got out of the tent as fast as we could. Flames were literally licking the tent, and Matt had burnt all his hairs off his arm. Euan was really upset and scared and eventually someone managed to turn the gas off. Dinner was ruined!

We were introduced to Bop It, a really silly game which is great fun. When all the kids went to bed, us so called grown-ups sat round the table playing it together. It was very funny (especially after a few wines).

Gorgeous Cameron, who tolerates Euan very well.


Mel never sits down and relaxes. Here she is filling the kettle. The kids also very rarely sat down, especially as there was so much to do on the campsite.

My gorgeous boy.

At the end of the day, there is nothing left to do but enjoy your friends company and have a few drinks.

Neil and Matt having a laugh.

If this came with sound effects you would hear Matt snoring.

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