Dunsborough Beach

February 2010

Really hot day, and very calm seas at Dunsborough Bay.

There is a sand bank in the bay which is easy to get to. I loved the reflections on the water.

Here comes the other happy campers.

Euan in the distance.

Matt on the jet ski arrives and parks up on the sand bank.

Someone mentioned the word Jelly Fish, and that was it. Euan refused to swim in the water. Poor Cameron had to carry him about.

Euan playing on the Jet ski.

Sand in every nock and granny.

Sand Castles, or more like Close Encounters!

Beautiful girls who really did a great job on the camping trip. They were lovely company and such polite and friendly kids.

Someone taking their dog for a surf.

Back at base camp and kids play on the ski. Be careful though, its Matt's baby your playing on!

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