Wheelie Big Day Out

March 7th 2010

Team Euan dressed as Pirates for the finale of our year of fundraising.

Aye Aye Captain.

Fairy Dust everywhere.

We were joined by a motley tango (apparently the name for a group of pirates). Here is Freya.

The Hall Tango, looking fantastic.

Euan with his good school pal Joshua on the left, and little Harvey on the right.

Its never a really good idea to give a group of 5 year old boys swords, but what the hell! Here are Euan, Joshua and Caleb bashing each other... but all in the name of love!

Ah that's better... lets bash Matt instead!

Euan is very attached to Matt... think he sees him as the same mental age as himself!

Euan and Caleb having tickle time.

Piggy's from Freya.

On the left is Euan being 'got' but Caleb's dad Stuart, and on the right is Emily, Caleb's sister.

Had to put this one in. Paige was being inflicted with crying plastic baby for the weekend (she was shattered... ha ha) so Matt tried to help by showing his paternal skills!

Freya green eyes.

And the AMAZING Meg and Ben.

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