Wheelie Big Race

Decided on some bigger pics for this bit. Team Euan all ready for their race.

Matt was going first on an Electric Wheelchair, then Meg, then Neil and Euan on a standard. We were up against the Fairy team... who's men had dressed as pirates too. This meant for THE MOST EXCITING race of the day.

On your marks, get set, GO!

The aim is to get around the obstacle course quicker than the other team!

In the lose at this point, Meg makes up valuable time.

Go Meg, only seconds behind team Fairy.

Ready for the last round...

Testosterone filled pirates forget they are wheeling disabled kids in an effort to win the race. As you can see Neil is right on his tail.


Rounding a bend and neil has taken the lead.

Neck and Neck

As the rules state, neil goes around the flag, but the other team, realizing they are loosing to Team Pirates cut the corner and don't go around the flag.

Knowing they cheated doesn't stop Neil and Euan giving it their all.

And coming in one step behind the Fairy's.

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