Massive Attack

Kings Park- 12th March 2010

Off to Kings Park to see Massive Attack. Picnic blanket down and wine in hand.

Mel starting to get into it.

Mel, Freya and Matt. Is there a picture without wine in hand???

Oh here's one... well Neil hasn't got one!

Oops... now he has!

Moi... there was more maxi dresses at Kings Park then I had ever seen before. I think this is due to us mid thirty year olds not wanting to show their legs!

Now it starts getting silly. Mel and I have a thing going where we are always desperate for Diet Coke. She managed to score some, which of course we were thrilled about!

Matt wont let go of the bottle of wine... and starts inspecting toes!

Here is Neil's.

We were sat right next to the area sectioned off for standing crowds. Once Massive Attack came on, the standing area filled up with dancers, and over spilled onto our blanket area. The Security guards were having a mare stopping people in the sitting area from dancing, and this course us all a great amount of entertainment. In the end they had to give up as so many wanted to dance!

But Neil and I are out of practice on the dance thing. I have a theory about this. The reason you lose the ability to dance once you have had a child is this... of course you do not practice as much, but the main problem is that you try to teach your child to dance, by making exaggerated movement. This, over a few years of dancing mainly to The Wiggles or Justine from Play School, means you totally loose the ability to dance in a normal manner, and think its ok to bob up and down, or writhe like you are having some sort of fit!

Kissy kissy for Mel on the left, and Diet Coke and wine for Mel on the right!!

Neil and I, on the other hand are relatively sober!

MASSIVE ATTACK. Actually really good and did end up dancing which was quite fun!

Huge crowd of nostalgic clubbers, replaying those heady dance of late night debauchery.

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