Spandau Ballet

17th April 2010

Sandal ford wines for Tears for Fears and Spandau Ballet.

This was a different kind of crowd to Massive Attack. Lots of die hard ozzie S. Ballet fans. Made for a really good laugh!

I like this one of me. Sun was just going down.

A series of pictures to prove that Neil seems to ruin almost every picture take of us both! Do you think he does it on purpose??

Weird look Neil.

Ohhhh says Neil as he gabs my bum!

Our gorgeous friends Matt and Mel. I honestly hadn't laughed so much in ages, particularly at Matt who found a new boyfriend the moment Neil went to the loo. He is no longer Monogamous Matt!

Neil's face when he returns from the loo to find another man nestled into Matt's lap!

Matt at last shakes off his new man friend by cowardly hiding behind Mel!

A really great night but less because of the bands. I really was more of a Duran Duran girl and hardly knew any of the songs!

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