With my sis in April 10

What do I wear? What do I were?? I cant remember the last time I went out to the City on a night out. But I do remember the last time I went out on my own with my sis... Sugar Babes, Bristol 2003. Way too long ago.

Pre-going out photos... look on the left pic... Kookaburra wanted to get in on the action!

We had booked tickets at the Jazz Club in Mt Lawley. So we caught a train and got off at Mt Lawley, but straight away we knew were in trouble. We had no clue where we were, but thanks to my iphone it directed us in sort of the right direction... maybe a mile detour but hey who's counting.

At last got to Mt Lawley. It had only taken up about 45mins so we grabbed a pizza and had a drink.

Then off to Ellingtons... which turned out to be pretty much Northbridge so we could have saved ourselves a walk... but least we got some exercise and worked up a thirst.

Me and My sis.

I really enjoyed the jazz. She had a gorgeous voice, but Sarah (who has much more jazz experience) said she was very mainstream, and more R&B, which I think she was too. Either way we had a great time. Caught the train back to Midland, then had real trouble getting a cab. We had to no quite tell the taxi driver where we needed to go, as the first one refused to take us home!

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