Lions Club Award

Sunday 18th April 2010

It might seem like we go on a lot about Euan, but thats because we are dead proud.

He is a funny little soul. He has lots of worries, but has a wicked sense of humour. He gets very tired, very hungry and sometimes very fed up. He has therapy after therapy. It seems like one problem is sorted out, only for another problem to arise.

So when Euan was nominated for a Courage Award we were very proud.

Before the Ceremony.

A full hall. Lots of terrible stories of disabilities and illness's. Someone ask me if that made me feel relieved that Euan isn't more disabled. And I said it just made me amazed at families resisliants and determination, and that we had that same path.

I feel quite strongly about families like us, who have a child with health, or other challenges. And particularly ones which seem mild. Euan is in a main stream school, and has to compensate everyday for his problems. Great on the one hand, but how draining must that be for Euan. He has frequent trips to hospital, frequent problems. therapy, prodes, pokes, etc and he fights it all the way. Nothing ever comes naturally for Euan, no developmental milestones happen without some form of effort, so I am extremely proud of Neil and I for working together to help Euan achieve his full potential, regardless of the problems he has.

Euan gets his award from two Olympians. Watch the embedded Youtube video at end.

Very proud of his medal.

Outside after for nibbles and lots of fun.

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