GGS Mothers Day Lunch

May 7th

A must in the busy school calendar is the FOPS mother's day lunch at Chester's.

It was beautifully presented, with each setting having candle gifts and little keep-sakes. Every one was given a raffle ticket too.

I did the photography for the event, but had already put my hands up for the fashion show. It was for beautiful boutique called 'Stash'. We had a fitting before the day, and it was great fun trying on lots of clothes that I either would never normally try on or would never be able to afford.

Being a shy, withdrawn person this experience was clearly a painful one for me... NOT!

Showing a bit of leg on the left as this dress can also be warn as a top by taller people!

An elegant one.

Then my favorite... a black dress, tight, short, and with a zip up the back... why is it that all the dresses that looked good on me were more on the trashy side!

I worked the audience in this dress to the point that when we went to Chester's for Sunday Lunch all the staff remembered me as the girl in that BLACK DRESS!

In the end I also won $100 voucher for Stash Boutique... just need to save the other couple of hundreds to buy something!

All the girls... and all looking way more sophisticated than me.

And my outfit for the day. No, not a Stash classic for $300, but a Valley Girl one for $29.99!

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