Chester's for Lunch

Sunday 23rd May 2010

The Rats.

It was cold enough for Mel to go to the car and get a blanket to put over her knees... Matt warming me up here.

Don't slag off the blanket!

Prawns... yumm!

Euan had a rotten start to the meal and ended up going to sleep for a while. He cheered up when the mains came. Yeah for chips.

Today I am mostly playing with lego.

He looks exhausted.

Cameron brought along his joke book. Euan just doesn't get it yet, and try's to give a logical answer instead of a funny one.

Poor Mel was coming down with the flu.. the delirium had started,

Oh No it looks like its catching... or is that Brain Freeze from the ice cream.

Its ok... all better.

Desserts were lush. I had a Chocolate Souffle.

Dad... can you guess what Neil had????? His favorite!!!!

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