Sunday Burning

June 13th 2010

We have had absolutely stunning winter weather so far... gorgeous 20 degree sunny days and cold nights. But the rain is due this week so Neil thought we better get some burning done before it gets too damp.

The kids love a good bon fire. They get to ride in the trailer, and speed around the garden on the quad bike with Neil.

Ethan is a gorgeous boy and Euan just adores him.

Our garden is full of fallen down trees, great for climbing over.

Because it has been so dry the fire caught really easily.

We didn't burn up the top of our land last year so the fire was pretty big.

These kangaroo's were lazing near the fire. I was surprised to see such a large joey still feeding off its Mum, especially as I am fairly certain the Mum has another joey growing in her pouch. Although we regularly are frequented by troops of kangaroos, I wanted a feeding photo so approached really slowly. I got quite close, and the Mum was tolerating my presence, before all of a sudden she decided she had had enough and started jumping directly towards me. It scared the sh*t out of me because kangaroos can be aggressive. Luckily I ducked behind a tree and made a quite exit to the fire.

Euan loves the fire, and had a special fire stick which he prods and whacks the fire with. Ummmm such a boy!

One of the grass trees close to the fire had died in the year, so Neil wanted to put as much of the leaves in to burn. When he pulled them off there was literally hundreds of what looked like maggots inside. Gross!


Neil becomes a Hula girl, and then a dirty old man with a beard!


A really great weekend all round.

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