Saturday 3rd July 2010

A beautiful winters day in Perth so we decided to go for a walk down to Bells. It was a bit of a mistake as it was an extremely long way, and Euan's legs got really tired. But we really had an adventure.

We went off road, following the bridal pathways. It was steep and rocky. Euan had to have frequent stops so it took us hours to get to Bells.

We decided not to jump the fense, but have since been told by other neighbours that its much quicker if you follow the waterfall directly to Bells.

Loads of massive kangaroos around at the moment.

Euan pretending to be a soilder, or a Jedi... not sure which.

Half way down he was begging me to carry him. It was too far to go back and too far forwards too. He literally couldnt walk any further and I feel pretty bad for him, but a long rest and he got to his feet again.

Neil met up down at the river. As it has been so dry this winter the river is practically empty. So many rocks are exposed, that I really don't know if the Avon Decent will happen in a months time. Lets hope for some rain.

When I do a walk that this it fills you with such gratitude that we live in a place like this. I know lots of people think we are mad for living rurally, and not living closer to the beach, or city for that matter. But when we have all this on our door step, I reacon we have a piece of paradise.

I really think Euan could be a good rock climber. Apprently it is great for kids with Spastic Diplegia, as they have to stretch the calf muscles to climb.

Left: Euan is hanging on to a tree while he jumps over a rock pool/

Right: we found a heap of bones on the way down the slippery slopes. Here is Euan telling daddy what kind of bones they are.

Yes he is still eating yellow snakes. Thats about it though.

My little family.

My boys.


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