Half term and Sunny Days

July 2010

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Euan doesn't want to go out at the moment but his cousins are always a big motivation as he feels relaxed with them. So off to Euan's favorite spot... Bells.

Left: Ethan looking so grown up.

Right: Ethan, Euan and Freya climbing the rocks.

We had some rain so the rapids were a little bit more frothy than before.

My gorgeous SIL (sis in law) and Ethan, and Lauren.

Paige is Laurens best bud, and is like one of the family. Euan thinks she is his cousin too!

He had already fallen in, hence the wet trousers.

He laughs more with his cousins than anyone else, and he loves Ethan with a passion.

Freya with flower, Euan in reeds!

All these leave result in a mass of lillies in a few months.

Freya contemplating the world, and being silent (thats a first... he he!!!)

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