Sunny Days & Half term

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Lifes an adventure eh!

Except when your 16! ' but Mum, I've walk from the car to this rock and I'm like so exhausted!'.

Buttercups... I think?

Giving his mummy a flower.

We walk quite a way down the right side of the river. Further than I had ever been. It becomes calmer and strangly quiet.

The kids decided to jump to this island but it was surprisingly deep, so Kerry and I had to swing him across. It was funny but a little hair raising.

It was ok on the way over, but we couldnt get Euan back, so Kerry had to jump over and swing him back to me.

Dirty bum.

Dude Freya and Monkey Euan.

To the rope swing on the way back. You can see the top of our hill in the background.

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