Half Term July 201

We went to Hillarys for some winter sun. Euan didn't want to go to the calm kids bay, but to the wavy beach.

He loves the sound, and excitement of waves.

I had not expected Euan to want to go into the sea but luckily I have brought a spare pair of clothes.

Ethan's footprints after he quite rightly decided the sea was far too cold, and that Euan was clearly mad for wanting to go in.

The waves were speaking to Euan, and he was shouting at them and running in and out. The only other people on the beach were a couple of boys body boarding with full wet suits on.

Kerry and Ethan in the reflection.

Gorgeous Ethan and his dimple.

After Euan had his swim we walked over to the harbour to get Euan dry and to have some lunch. Euan had a bit of a crash, suddenly freezing cold, hungry and not knowing how to deal with it. He sat outside the restaurant for a bit, until I kangaroo cuddled him in, and once the hot chips arrived all was well in Euan land.

Lauren on the left, and Ethan with a Whirly gig on the right.

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