Hillarys with the Robsons

on a windy Sunday in July 2010

First things first, Euan has saved his pocket money to buy this soft toy he saw at AQWA whilst on a school trip a couple of months ago. Today he got it. Its a Cuttlefish, but is called Squidy.

Meet with good friends Corretta, Ady, Alex, Callum and Elliott for some lunch.

Neil teasing Elliott with his chocolate ice cream.

When asked to pose for a photo Euan always sticks his tongue out. Its better to shot when he is not looking.


Sand castles for Euan.

Cheesy grins for Elliott

The many faces of Euan whilst jumping.

Elliott had the fear and wouldn't jump for ages, but then he got his courage up and did it.

Unfortunately then the heavens opened and the kids got soaked.

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