The Sunshiners was created to document our lives and to share this with our friends and family around the world.

Its hard to find the right words to cover the last few months. Mum coming over to visit, Christmas then Phuket with Dad and Biz. Finally on Saturday 18th January I turned 40 and following months of preparations it was party time.

I had an absolutely amazing day, thanks to my family and friends. Everytime I went to pick up a glass I got told off and they took over. Neil did an amazing job getting the house ready, and it really looked special. The phonecalls, face times and text on the day kept me feeling very special.

Of course there were many people missing. That unfortunately is the life of a migrant. I desperately missed my family, and especially Sarah. The book she made for me about our Nanny and Grandads love was outstanding. I missed my best friend Sue, and Mel. I also had some very important Aus friends missing. Laura (at least we facetimed on the day), my gorgeous Breezle, Gen, Brenda and Douglas, lovely Lorraine, Amanda G, the Gundrys and Velupillays. Thank you for all your messages, and videos. I can't explain how it felt when Neil read out your feelings about me. Thank you.

So enjoy the photos. Remember I did not take them so they are pretty rubbish!!!! Ha ha. But you get the feeling of the event. I think Neil and I do a party well!

Party Set Up

Party Time

Kids Play + a few left over