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Off to camp we go.
Suit case and bags in hand.
Ready for action.
Such lovely boys.
Rule time
Euan waiting for his name. Instead of says yes here, he says Correctamundo!
Off they go
On camp. Teachers and Euans most lovely helper in the middle.
The whole group
Sea creature gang.
Off to the beach- apparently it was very windy.
What a great camp!
City views.
Euan in the pool
They had to build rafts and get across the pool.
Helping Euan out of the pool. The kids are so gorgeous.
Euan on his raft.
Hi ropes course. Don't ever think Euan can't do something because you would be wrong!
Nearly at the top
Euan having an absolute ball.
Harnessed up for action.
Euan loved the flying fox. In fact on the Monday I asked a lot of the kids what there favourite party of camp was, and they all said the flying fox.
He can't take a picture without this pose.
Awaiting instructions.
How can you climb that ladder Euan! Amazing.
Brilliant job Euan,
Dinner time.
Lunch time for the campers.
I love this one of all the cases. How much stuff do you need for 3 days away!!!
Winding down for bedtime.